If you’ve had a household emergency, you could lose much of your clothing. Whether it’s a flood that’s penetrated stored boxes of clothes, or a fire that has left all of your garments caked with smoke, we can help. We provide emergency dry cleaning and garment restoration services for just that reason. We know that disasters can strike at any time, especially hurricanes here in Florida!) — that’s why we’re more than happy to help our clients with emergency cleaning services. We strive to provide speedy services for those who have experienced an emergency, since it’s common that emergencies effect all of your clothing (plus, we want to help those in need as best as we can!). We provide all of the following emergency dry cleaning and garment washing services:


Fire damage can destroy your clothes, rugs, drapes, blankets, and really, anything made out of cloth. Fortunately, in certain circumstances, these items may be restored. Here at Best Cleaners, we repair and clean fire damaged articles. In some cases, we may even be able to provide alterations and additions to restore items that have been burnt. We also provide smoke damage restoration and cleaning (more on that below). If you have items that are fire damaged, and you’re not sure whether we can provide repairs and/or cleaning, just get in touch with us or visit one of our many locations.


Water can be damaging for garments and household items. If you’ve suffered from flooding, for instance, you may have loads of clothes, blankets, rugs, and other items that require special care. That can be doubly true if water has seeped into an article and been allowed to sit — since it can begin to grow mold and bacteria. Don’t fret, with Best Cleaners, you can rest assured that your items will be restored to their original condition. We provide water damage cleaning services as one of our many specialties. Again, if you have items that are water damaged, and you’re not sure.


We provide a complete restoration and sanitation to all fabrics exposed to smoke damage. Smoke may seem to be irreversibly damaging for your clothes and other household items. However, smoke damage can be removed with our deep cleaning services. We specially treat smoke damaged articles to remove discoloration, smell, and damage. In certain cases, we may have to alter the article to repair it. Feel free to give us a call or visit one of our Orlando-based cleaning locations if you’re curious about a smoke damaged item.